Venezuela activates diplomatic procedures to request the delivery of those responsible for assault on Battalion 513 of Infantry of the Gran Sabana

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been aware of the operation of the public security forces of the Federative Republic of Brazil, which resulted in the capture of the five defectors  of the Venezuelan Army, perpetrators of the armed assault on the 513 Battalion of Mariano Montilla Jungle Infantry located in Luepa, Gran Sabana in Bolivar state, on December 22, 2019, where 120 assault rifles and 9 rocket launches were stolen, in a violent operation in which the  corporal of the Bolivarian National Guard, Jean Pierre Caraballo Marcano lost his life due to the violence of the attack.

Recognizing and greeting the timely action of the Brazilian Security Forces, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs that the necessary diplomatic procedures have already begun to be activated in order to request and facilitate the delivery of this group of Venezuelan citizens involved in such serious facts, so that they hold accountable before the Venezuelan Justice.

It should be noted that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in strict adherence to International Law and the good neighborhood, would never protect assaults on Brazilian military units and acts of destabilization of its democratic institutions with the objective of disturbing the public tranquility of that country. In this sense, Venezuela aspires to have the greatest collaboration from the authorities of the Federative Republic of Brazil, as a result of the cooperation that must prevail among the States in the fight against terrorism and threats to social peace.


Caracas, December 28, 2019.